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We firmly believe, that a tattoo should serve as a unique reflection of your individual personality, style, and interests.
Our accomplished artists at HR Tattoo Shop possess an exceptional skill set, allowing them to create tattoos that cater to a wide and diverse clientele. Whether you are in search of a design that exudes subtlety and delicacy or something bolder and more powerful, our team is here to assist you in exploring a plethora of captivating tattoo ideas.  

Laszlo (CEO) is specializing for realism. He enjoys to do both black and grey and colour realistic tattoos. He was tattooing in many tattoo studios in the past and gained a lot of experience, before he opened his own place.

Anita has joined to the HR team in the summer of 2018. Her favourite style is illustrative, but she is happy to do black and grey and colour realism as well

Norbi has joined us in 2017. He is doing mostly black and grey realistic works, but he also enjoy doing linework.

Flora has joined to the HR team at the end of 2022 as a resident artist. Her favourite style is illustrative and she loves doing mini realistic tattoos as well.